We are three days in to half-term. I don’t know about you but it is around this time when I have run out of patience, activities, money and the will to live.

Tuesday comes along and we are anxiously clock watching as our little ones march around us in circles, or my son's favourite,”Watch my ninja trick mummy” as he hurls himself towards my sofa landing face first and catapulting the poor thing halfway across the room.

This week though, I am not doing half term. I am now employed full time and my little one is not yet school age, which means he will be at nursery and I will be at work.

I expressed the need to do a “What’s happening in half term” piece for parents who will be looking for events during the city that are fun and (most importantly) free.

A thing I know I would have cherished when trying desperately to fill those days at home that seem to go on forever.

I thought back to all the things my son and I had done in the many half-terms we have spent together, and felt a twinge of sadness that this week will be business as usual for us.

There will be no lazy mornings watching Frozen in bed - with a toddler on my face.

No wintery walk to find mini beasts in the woods - when I have had enough and will do anything to get out of the house.

No Easter crafts or workshops or trips to the Hive to kill the time. No making cupcakes just for him to lick the spoon and leave me with the cupcakes - and the washing up!

It is true what they say, you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

However, this isn’t one of these patronising posts that ends with “there are only eighteen summers until they’re gone.”

Raising children is hard, no matter who you are or, indeed, who they are. It is hard work.

In the tough moments it is hard to see the bigger picture, so don’t look.

See yourself how your children see you: A superhero - even in pyjamas!