FLOOD levels across Worcester have been approaching the highest ever recorded.

River levels in Barbourne, Worcester, peaked yesterday (February 19) at 5.67 metres. Diglis peaked at 5.27metres on Tuesday, which is close to the levels seen in 2007, the highest on record, when the river reached 5.30 metres. Currently the level at Diglis is 5.04 metres.

In Kempsey, the level peaked on Monday at 7.47 metres, the same height reached in 2007. The level is expected to drop over the next few days.

Flooding has also affected Newport Street, Park View Terrace, The Butts and King Stephen’s Mount, the A449 North Quay, Croft Road, Hylton Road Gyratory and Tybridge Street and A44 New Road.

Flood-caused closures include Diglis footbridge, Sabrina Bridge and Hylton Road.

Flood warnings remain in place. Further rainfall is expected over the next few days and river levels are expected to remain high.

Dozens of homes and businesses have been hit by the flooding caused by Storm Dennis.

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: “We believe around 40 homes and 11 businesses have been severely impacted by the floods in Worcester.

“It is hard to estimate how many people have been evacuated as many are used to being flooded and make their own arrangements.”

In regards to bin collections, the council said they are doing their best to get to all properties but “the floods mean some are inaccessible.”

A spokesman added: “We may not be able to reach homes in Warmstry Court, Newport Street and Moreton Place. Please bear with us and we will get to those bins as soon as possible.”

Leader of the county council, Councillor Simon Geraghty, said he will be visiting residents of those areas that have been hit the hardest by floods. The council is developing an emergency package of support to help those in need.

Cllr Geraghty said the recent rainfall, following on from an extended period of wet weather, has led to some of the “worst flooding in Worcestershire for many years.”

Residents in Toronto Close, in Lower Wick, have been hit hard by the floods, where some were forced to evacuate their homes.

People there are appealing for a flood defence system to be put in place to protect them from future flooding.


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