A HOTEL boss says he is "fighting a losing battle" trying to keep his grade II listed building maintained, after it was flooded once again.

Indy Singh, 42 has owned the Severn View Hotel in Worcester for six years. The building dates back to the 1700s and was first listed by Historic England in 1974.

Mr Singh says that, due to the building's listed status, and the many floods it has seen, repair work is becoming increasingly costly.

Mr Singh said: “We flood a lot here, obviously being next to the Severn. We have had three floods this month alone. However, this is the worst it has ever been. The whole of the downstairs will need ripping out and doing again.

“I am staying upstairs at the moment and keeping an eye on the pumps and things. We have four going at the moment but it is coming in as fast as it is going out. The sheer amount of water is making it difficult. I have been trapped here for five days, but I am doing ok.

“I expect it will take at least three more weeks until we are in a position where we can re-open. Of course, this affects the takings. The flooding has a major affect on the business. It seems every time we take a step forward we get pushed back seven.”

Mr Singh says he would welcome more help to maintain the building, which is expensive due to its listed status.

“This is a great building in the very heart of the city that I love – it used to be the gatehouse to Worcester," he said. "It seems only right that this beautiful building be made to shine as it would have done back then. I am proud with what I have done since I have been here, but it still needs a lot of work to fit in with the beautiful scenery of the river and the cathedral.

“Because of the listed status of the building there are strict restrictions in terms of what we can do with the exterior. For example, the windows need replacing, but they must be the exact same windows that were in before, and they cost thousands and thousands of pounds.

“I understand the need to maintain the history of this building, but the costs are spiralling out of control. I can’t manage it all myself. It is a real shame that nobody sees the value of the hotel and what an asset it could be to Worcester. I don’t get any help, I would even be grateful for a loan, I am not looking for a handout.”

Historic England says the maintenance of grade II listed buildings is the responsibility of the landlord.

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