A PLAN to build a garage in a back garden as part of an “unofficial taxi office” was rejected by council planners.

The plan to build a new detached double garage in the rear garden of a home in Camp Hill Avenue had led neighbours to object after it was revealed the garage would be accessed by a shared driveway running between the back of the home and homes in Sebright Avenue.

Residents feared the garage and office would be used as a taxi business.

At a meeting of the city council’s planning committee last week, Cllr Louise Griffiths, who represents Battenhall, said: “The big concerns are the lack of privacy concerning the two-storey proposed garage and also the increased noise and disturbance to residents as a result of the potential for up to eight cars being parked there.

“There are also concerns regarding the business that the gentleman is looking to run from his home. We don’t know what business it is, so any concerns are purely speculative. The gentleman has been running a taxi company from his house in previous years and residents are very concerned that is what this garage is for now.”

Cllr Griffiths said there had been an “huge” amount of disturbance in the early hours due to taxis in the “very small and very quiet cul-de-sac” where a lot of children lived.

Cllr Alan Amos said: “I do wonder why somebody would want to build a garage when there’s a strong possibility they can’t access it. I have no doubt this is intended to be used as part of a business. I think we have got to use our common sense here instead of dancing around the issue trying to find a way not to refuse it.”

The plan split the planning committee by five votes to five with chairman Cllr Chris Mitchell rejecting it with his deciding vote.