A MAN pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods on the morning his trial was due to get underway.

Jacob Telford had been due to stand trial on three counts of burglary at Worcester Crown Court on Monday, (February 24), but a new indictment was put to the defendant in a morning hearing.

The 20-year-old, who was handcuffed throughout the hearing, then pleaded guilty to three counts of handling stolen goods.

The particulars of the offences are that on July 31 Telford received a Natwest bank card knowing or believing it to be stolen goods, between August 3 and August 6 Telford received certain stolen goods mainly a Playstation 4 controller knowing or believing it to be stolen goods, and on August 6 Telford received another bank card, knowing or believing it to be stolen goods.

The goods were stolen in burglaries in Fish Street, Sansome Mews and the Arboretum.

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After making the pleas William Douglas-Jones, prosecuting, told Judge Nicholas Cartwright that those pleas were acceptable to the crown.

Robert Skinner, defending Telford, said he was a man with no previous convictions apart from possession of amphetamines.

Requesting a pre-sentence report, the prosecutor added: "This is a man who fell by the way side due to drug taking."

Judge Cartwright replied: "I will order a pre-sentence report".

The judge added he would order the other three burglary charges to lie on file, meaning they won't be proceeded with at this time. He also said that the jury - that was expected to hear a one-day trial - could be released.

Telford, who wore a black 'Puma' jumper to court, was told by the judge he will be sentenced at the city's crown court on Wednesday, March 18.

Telford, of Maple Avenue, Worcester, was then taken down.