AN appeal has been launched to raise money for an ill boy's family after his mum shared a heartbreaking post.

Friends of poorly Oscar Saxelby-Lee, aged six, have launched a new funding page which will support the family financially while young Oscar is receiving treatment in Singapore.

The community backed Oscar Saxelby-Lee, who travelled abroad for CAR-T cell therapy, after his family appealed to raise £500,000 to afford the life-saving treatment.


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His parents, Olivia Saxelby and Jamie Lee, shared on the Facebook group Hand In Hand for Oscar the heartbreaking news that the little boy is feeling distressed after he is experiencing side effects from his treatment.

The post said: “He has been suffering with a storm of neurotoxicity to his brain causing aphasia (loss of speech), confusion, loss of coordination, muscle deterioration, fever, chills, headaches, hypertension and tachycardia. To say he’s had it tough would be a complete understatement.

“He really is trying his absolute hardest to turn a corner, but life is not being kind to him right now. Each day both Jamie and I face the reality of losing our baby. Each day we suffer in silence, trying desperately to be strong for ourselves and one another.”

Oscar is now taking steroids to dampen any inflammation causing these dysfunctions in his body. Doctors are also checking his spinal fluids to determine how to treat him. The post continued: “We desperately need to help Oscar overcome this hurdle before we begin any conditioning treatment for a stem cell transplant or any treatment at all.”

In response to the funding page, which was created on February 23 and has so far raised £1,575, his parents said: “Although money is the last thing on our minds right now, we still have no choice but to source it somehow. With Singapore being one of the most expensive countries in the world, postponed flights home, more gruelling treatments to come, neither of us working or any income coming in, and bills back home to pay, we will struggle.”

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