IT seems all I have written about for the past two weeks is flooding.

I am sick of the sight of the murky brown water threatening to consume Worcester as we know it.

I know I have little to complain about, I haven't been affected by the flooding at all, apart from having to go the long way into work and finding somewhere else to park my life remains unchanged.

The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for others around the faithful city.

Last week I spoke with many people who had been affected by the flooding.

People who had to evacuate their homes, people who had watched their businesses be damaged almost beyond repair, people who fought in vain to protect their houses and possessions.

At the time it was hard stuff to hear, you don't really imagine the devastation flooding can cause, well I didn't at least, but on the bright side it doesn't happen often, or so I thought.

Now the river levels are rising and Worcester prepares to take on more and more rain, those who were just starting to pick up the pieces are now preparing to go through it all again.

I cannot begin to understand how heartbreaking it must be to watch your home or business be literally drowned in front of your eyes.

I tried to contact those I had been in touch with last week, but most were too busy battening down the hatches or just too defeated to chat.

The only good thing I have seen from these floods (and it is important to hold onto the good things) is the humanity.

People have really been helping each other out. from giving each other lifts, to bringing round food packages, to offering up parking spaces, to just checking in on friends and family.

Of course the emergency services have been brilliant, as have the councils and the environment agency, helping to make sure people stay safe and informed. In times where we actually need each other we really pull together and it warms my heart.

It is one of the things that makes me so proud to call Worcester my home.

We are a community.

No matter how divisive the political landscape may seem at the moment, I am pleased to report that in times of true adversity...

Humanity wins, for now at least.