A FLOOD campaigner has warned the flooding seen across the city over the past two weeks could become ‘the norm’ unless people recognise a climate emergency.

Mary Dhonau, a Worcester-based flood resilience campaigner, said: “The longevity of these floods and also the fact that they keep returning is quite alarming to me.

“We are currently in a climate emergency, I fear this kind of winter flooding will soon be the norm.

“We must find a way to hold back the water, there is simply too much of it. I believe flood management is like a jigsaw, there are lots of things that must be done before the problem can be resolved. I am urging everyone to stay alert and prepare for the flooding, check the weather warnings and do what you can to flood proof your homes if you know you are at risk.

“The better prepared we are for flooding the quicker you are able to bounce back. I would encourage all those who have been flooded to think of this as an opportunity to build back better, this will reduce suffering should the flooding happen again.”

Mrs Dhonau, pictured above, added: “Having suffered the appalling consequences of being flooded myself on many occasions, I have made it my mission in life to raise the awareness of flood risk and to support those at risk in their preparation for being flooded.

“A bit of thought and preparation before a flood, could help to reduce the horrible impact that being flooded has on individuals, families and businesses.

“It is also vital that we do what we can on an individual basis and also at government level to help the environment - or flooding of this severity will soon become the norm across Worcestershire.

Mrs Dhonau spends her time advocating for flood victims and promoting flood protection.