RESIDENTS voiced their concerns over an application to expand a gypsy site near Upton.

Members of the public addressed Upton Town Council's Planning Committee concerning a planning application for land at the Hillbee Farm in Welland Road.

The application is for a private gypsy caravan site for one family, but councillors heard concerns over the site's suitability.

Representing a group of nearby residents, Philip Martin said: "As residents we strongly object to this.

"Firstly, there is a danger to vehicles and pedestrians - The County Council highways department considers vehicular access insufficient and as a result all previous applications have been turned down."

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Mr Martin said the traffic meant residents would find it "stressful and not without significant impact" on their health.

He added: "We urge the council to reject this and carefully review the history and timeline of events."

Councillors voted to reject the application at the meeting on March 10 and Cllr Henrietta Ross said: "Given nothing has changed in the six years I have been on council, nothing has changed regarding access to the site and there is no suggestion they will do anything to improve it. I recommend refusal."

Cllr Simon Yates added: "Playing devil's advocate, would access be such a problem if families are already there? Would they be moving lots of vehicles around? The highways department has never been happy with anything going in and other than that there isn't really much else to say."