That's what it felt like watching the government's first daily coronavirus briefing yesterday.

The Prime Minister has gone from its business as usual but wash your hands more, to within days everyone should now avoid social contact with others.

No one doubts this is one of the toughest times for a government in decades, and difficult decisions are having to be made.

But I can’t help feeling very uneasy right now with how the government has been handling this so far.

They have acted too slow, and even yesterday there was still too much confusing language:

Pubs and social venues are not closed, but don't visit them.

Work from home, but we aren't enforcing it.

Avoid mass gatherings, yet schools stay open.

It's all voluntary, nothing decisive, and not going as far as other countries.

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The government says decisions are all based on scientific evidence, but the worry has been its scientists appear to be at odds with those across Europe and worldwide.

Why do we have so much faith in particular scientists, when far many others have been saying they are getting wrong?

The problem we have is that this isn’t a usual Boris Johnson gamble. This isn’t choosing whether to support leave or remain, or calling a December general election.

The PM this time is making a decision that, if his government gets badly wrong, could costs lives.

And what if it's too late already. Watching the crowds at football matches and horse racing last week, and gigs at the weekend, was astonishing when you compare it to what's happening across Europe.

As a result the virus could already be much more widespread in the population, with risks to life, all because we didn't act earlier.

Look at the crazy situation happening on the island of Ireland. You have within miles two countries; one where its government has been aggressive and shut schools and pubs, and the other where life has been continuing as normal.

There are fears if you bring in self isolation measures too soon, people get bored of them. But guess what, the majority of people are not stupid.

If it is a choice to stop the spread of a deadly virus or going out, it is obvious what people will do.