ELEVEN Year 10 GCSE Food and Nutrition students from Nunnery Wood High School attended an educational visit to Harper Adams University.

Students were welcomed to the university with a tour of the excellent facilities, including the working farm.

They were told that the university aims to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as it possibly can.

This was followed by a visit to the food teaching laboratories where pupils were given white laboratory coats, hair nets and shoe protectors before entering. Here, they were taught the process of ice-cream making before pairing into teams to develop their own unique flavourings and colours of ice-creams.

To give a further insight into the Food Technology industry, the students participated in a sensory analysis experiment.

They were given various samples of ice-cream to taste and grade according to texture, flavour appearance during which time, lighting and ambiance were constantly changing.

The afternoon session gave the group an experience of attending a very informative lecture which highlighted just how versatile a career in the food industry can be and how many career opportunities exist.

Arooj Iqbal said: “The facilities are very good. It showed me that there are a number of different careers to do in the food industry.”

Owen Jeynes said, “It was a very entertaining day with lots of activities. It was very informative with lots of prospects. My favourite activity was the sensory analysis.”

Sarah Young, curriculum leader, said: “What an amazing and informative trip for our students. In an era where food security, and meeting the continuing demands of a growing global population are among the most pressing problems to human kind, the career opportunities for Food Scientists and Technologists is very exciting.”

The trip took place on Wednesday, March 11.