PARENTS across Worcestershire were sat on the edges of their seats as the Prime Minister announced that schools will close tomorrow until further notice.

It wasn't a surprise. We have seen it coming. But knowing it was on the way and the reality are two different things.

Although there will be some provisions made for vulnerable children and the children of 'key workers', the vast majority of parents are looking at an enforced school holiday - without end - and just thinking, 'what on earth are we going to do?'

Worst, for many, our usual solution of calling on the goodwill of those unsung heroes of modern childcare - the grandparents - has been ripped out from under us. Many of our older relatives will be among the 'at risk' groups asked to shield themselves to protect the health of the wider society.

Despite witnessing the unfolding situation across the world, what parent could truthfully say they had imagined this scenario just a few weeks ago?

Parents will have to think creatively to cope in the coming weeks - and we don't really know what's next.