WE asked you to recommend the best plumber in Worcester.

Here are your top plumbers. Thank you for all your suggestions.

Aimee Elizabeth said: "Jamie Edwards is brilliant! He saved us with a simple fix on our boiler when we were left with no heating or hot water and this was when money was tight over Christmas, we were looking at hundreds from Bosch but he came to our rescue - he’s also come to our rescue with a bathroom disaster. Brilliant honest and reliable and definitely deserves a feature!"

Emily Richardson said: "I would definitely recommend Farley Gas Solutions....great local service, reliable, friendly and generally brilliant!"

Diane Hussell said: "CPHeating. Excellent service, trustworthy and reliable. Very reasonably priced as well. Definitely recommended."

Jenny Lee said: "NSB Heating Co. I highly recommend them. They did a full central heating installation for me, he takes great care with his work and is very knowledgeable and passionate about great service."

Maddy Turley said: "RT Premier Plumbing. They are completely awesome: Reliable, punctual and quality work. Would always recommend."

Jim Day agreed: "RT Premier Plumbing & Heating sorted out my hot water problems in no time. Professional, friendly and reliable."

Lucy Bullock also voted for RT Premier Plumbing & Heating, calling it "fab service."

Jon Watson said: "Jake at Heatbase, he's ace, really nice guy with competitive prices."

Courtney Bray said: "Heatbase Worcester!"

Kate Masterman said: "Heatbase Worcester!"

Tony Armstrong-Sly said: "Heatbase Worcester. Jake is reliable and keenly priced. Looking at how many have mentioned them, I reckon they’ve won.


Well Tony, you are right! We were showered in Heatbase Worcester votes.