A YOUNG man is urging those who have a stammer to not let it "determine who they are."

Callum Deouss, 21 has been on the McGuire programme which is aimed at helping people like him overcome their stammer.

Mr Deouss said: “I had never had treatment or training until October last year. I signed up to the programme and it’s really helped me overcome my stammer. But more importantly it has helped me accept myself as someone who has a stammer.”

Mr Deouss said: “So what I’m doing now is I’m talking deliberately to overcome the stammer that I have.”

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The Whittington resident said: “A stammer affects your confidence and you can’t always be who you want to be. Accepting it is a really big part of what we learn.”

Mr Deouss who is working in a sales role said: “If there is anyone with a stammer, however bad or mild your stammer is, get onto a programme like McGuire.”

“If you have got a stammer the only option is to fight back against it. You can’t let it determine who you are or what you accomplish in your life.”

“There are plenty of people out there that have a stammer and something I have found is that people are actually very understanding.”

The McGuire Programme is a world wide organisation which combines physical techniques (costal breathing and relaxation) with mental strategies for dealing with the fear of stammering, and developing an assertive attitude to it.

It’s estimated that stammering affects around 1 in 100 adults, according to the NHS.