THERE has been chaos at supermarkets in Worcester this morning as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

ASDA in St Martins Gate, Worcester, was heaving with shoppers, with big queues at tills just after opening.

And a reporter witnessed arguments with tannoy announcements having to be made to inform customers there were restrictions on items.

Toilets rolls was selling out as quickly as they were put out, and other items were in short supply.

Meanwhile there were queues to get into the B&M Bargains store before that opened at 9am, with readers and shop workers speaking of similar scenes across the city in recent days.

One shopper summed up it with one word: "chaotic".

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We have had hundreds of comments about the situation on social media, with Stephanie Stallard writing: "I work for Tesco and till staff are telling people about the three item rule (one plus two in some cases) - they are having products removed from their shopping.

"The amount of abuse that our staff are under is absolutely disgraceful.

"Don’t get me wrong the majority totally understand and are fine about it, but there are some nasty people out there and they don’t care about anyone else but themselves unfortunately."

Claire Logan said: "I work in a supermarket and it is like nothing I could ever of imagined.

"I've worked six days this week, there were people outside from 6am waiting for us to open at 7. The loo rolls, pasta, milk, eggs, bread all gone by 7.30am."

The government was speaking to supermarket bosses today to see how they could cope with the high demand.

Major supermarket chains, including Tesco, ASDA and Iceland, had already announced they were bringing in dedicated hours for elderly, vulnerable and NHS workers.

Tesco said it would apply from all stores starting tomorrow, (Sunday, March 22), while ASDA's hour runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Iceland have also gone further, running their priority hour in the first hour of opening every day.