IF we are going to win this ongoing war against an invisible enemy everyone has to play their part.

And if you haven't been so far, now is the time.

For weeks I have been writing in these columns the government has been far too slow to act in comparison with other countries, and people weren’t taking it seriously early enough.

The science never changed and now we are playing catch up.

But I want to make an appeal to those two groups causing real problems - those that have been carrying on life as normal, and those selfishly panic buying. A new term has been invented to describe people in these groups: 'Covidiots'.

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For those not social distancing I could see that before you may have been able to hide behind it being ‘advice’ and it not being enforced.

Before the pubs had to close, you went in. Before mass gatherings were shut down, you went along.

You might still being going out in groups, having get togethers or parties, or enjoying a trip out - as if this is somekind of national holiday.

All I can say if you aren't keeping your distance is do the right thing from now on and stay at home.

Yes all this goes against normal human behaviour, but it is absolutely vital. Don’t be someone who regrets their actions later.

If you are a younger person also know that you are not immune. Not doing social distancing is risking your life, and those of others.

By staying in, you are saving lives.

Secondly to the panic buyers hopefully by now you will be feeling a little guilty.

If people had been buying as normal we wouldn’t have seen the "chaotic" scenes, as described in today’s Worcester News.

Buy only what you need from now on, and when you are shopping keep your distance from others and the checkout staff.

And if you did stockpile do the right thing now, and take those items to a foodbank.

You will not be judged, they will just welcome the donations. As Grahame Lucas at Worcester Foodbank told me so far it has been like Christmas for donations - but they need that to continue and panic buying threats that.

This has been a tough few days and you have to suspect it will only get tougher, but the only way we will win this war is by everyone doing their bit.