A SPATE of vehicles have been broken into on Worcester Trading Estate.

Eight vehicles were targeting during a break-in between 4.30pm on Friday, March 20 and 6.45am on Monday, March 23 in Blackpole.

It is not yet confirmed but it is believed that work tools have been stolen from the vehicles which were parked at the trading estate.

Councillor Ceri Stalker who represents the ward said: “It’s important to remind people to stay vigilant.

Breaking into someone’s vehicle is not a nice thing to do. We would prefer people to abide by the law at any time but especially now it’s important to not take advantage of anyone.”

Cllr Stalker added: “I’d like to remind homeowners and car owners to be particularly vigilant. I understand everyone is worried about the coronavirus and not thinking so much about other things.

“We don’t want people to drop their guard down on things they would usually be mindful of.”

Inspector David Troth said: “We are aware of the reported thefts from vehicles on the Worcester Trading Estate between March 20 and this morning (March 23) and officers are investigating.

“As there are an increasing number of people self-isolating at this challenging time for us all, I would remind everyone to help protect their property by removing all personal items and valuables from their vehicle. If possible try to use approved locations and avoid dark, isolated places. If you can, park in a way that prevents access to the rear doors if you are a van owner and please make sure all doors are locked and alarms activated.

“With regards to vans and trades-people, if tools and equipment are not being used, ensure they are kept securely in a lockable store rather than in your vehicle. Keep a list of tools, together with serial numbers and any identifying marks. You can do this at www.immobilise.com. This will help to trace them back to you if they are stolen and recovered.”

This is what our Worcester News readers have said on Facebook about the spate of break-ins.

Steve Hobbs said: “I fear that when the inevitable lockdown happens, we'll see many more break ins and thefts at workplaces that are closed or are unattended.”

Sandra Ashenden said: “It’s an ideal opportunity for opportunists! I was only saying this the other day. I wish people would pull together in this crisis and just for once not to be selfish, but caring and thoughtful.”

Jennifer Smith said: “What is wrong with people? People are dying seriously.”

Wayne Price said: “Harsher punishments need to happen.”

Sarah Fletcher said: “And so it begins ....”

Amie Evis-Cannaway said: “So it’s started already - people helping themselves.”

Nick Houldey said: “What the hell is wrong with these people?”

If you have any information regarding this incident call the police on 101 quoting reference number 0051-s-230320.

Police have also told the public to remain vigilant following an incident where people claimed to be police officers.

This comes after individuals and crime groups were looking to exploit elderly and vulnerable people during the coronavirus pandemic.

Three people had knocked on the door of a property at around 7.45pm on March 19 in Gloucestershire and refused to show identification when asked by the resident.

It has been reported that those at the door said they were there investigating coronavirus related matters.

This was a scam and the resident, aged in his 70's, did not let them inside the property due to the unusual circumstances and their lack of willingness to show identification.

When refused entry the trio, two white men and a white woman, left. Their intentions are not known but this appears to be an attempt at a door step scam.

West Mercia Police detective inspector Emma Wright said: “Being a good neighbour is important, and communities are rallying around to support each other. However, there may be those who seek to exploit the situation also.

“Volunteers working with the health and emergency services will have undertaken necessary vetting checks and they should all have documentation proving their status.”