CHILDREN across the country are decorating their windows with rainbows in an attempt to brighten up the streets during this dark and difficult time.

The idea of the rainbow trail is for children and families to paint or draw pictures of rainbows and place them in either a window or a door.

Then as the children go on walks around the neighbourhoods they can find the rainbows and take a picture.

The idea quickly circulated on social media, and lots of families from Worcester are getting involved.

The 'Rainbow trail' Facebook group has almost 100,000 members.

Mikey Govier, aged 6 (pictured above) added his rainbow to his window in Sunnyside road yesterday. His mum Gemma Govier said there are quite a few in the street and it is "lovely to see.".

It all began with a mum from Ipswich, Crystal Stanley. The 31-year-old said: "“It was only meant to be in Ipswich and now it has gone across the country, my phone has not stopped going off.

“I came across the idea on Facebook, it was from someone in America I think, it gave me the inspiration and I thought ‘let’s see if we can do that here’.

“Originally it was just for children but now all ages are getting involved, I have even been contacted by a care home that have been doing it.

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“It just gives everyone something do in this difficult time, it promotes positivity and cheers people up.

Miss Stanley said her three-year-old daughter Ariana loved making a rainbow to put up in their window at home and has been very excited about all the attention the rainbow trail group has been getting.

“Ariana has seen a few rainbows in windows, each time we’ve gone out in the car she has been seeing if she can spot one," said Miss Stanley.

Some people have painted their windows to create a stain glass effect. Others have hung out flags, bunting or used lights. Will you be making a rainbow?