A CHARITY has launched an appeal for rescue packs for families that are in isolation in Worcestershire.

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust is being contacted by a number of families that are affected by childhood cancer in the county.

Families are in strict isolation for a minimum of 12 weeks but it is likely to be much longer because their children effectively have little or no immunity.

They cannot get essential cleaning products which are vital due to the likelihood of infection, food staples like bread, eggs, milk and toilet paper which their children are dependent on.

Dr Jennifer Kelly, founder of the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust said: “This really is an unsettling and worrying time for everyone.

“Our local oncology families desperately need essential items and as they are under strict isolation there is no way of them getting these unless we can step in to support them.

“If any local retailer can help us in putting some rescue packs together then we would be really gratetful.

“We are all in this together so this really is a time for us all to join together and support each other as much as we possibly can.”

If anyone in the local area can support us in putting together some rescue packs or let us know where the charity can go to purchase these items then please do get in touch by emailing us contact@gkcct.org

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust was set up in 2016 in memory of Grace Kelly, who passed away at the age of four, from a rare form of childhood cancer.

Grace left behind a wish to help other children. Through her legacy, the charity supports other children who are fighting childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer affects one in every 500 children before the age of 15.

For more information please contact@gkcct.org