A GIN distillery in Worcester has joined the fight against coronavirus, making its own hand sanitiser.

Piston Gin, based in the city, has joined a number of other alcohol makers in making its own hand sanitiser.

The company is hoping to produce 1,000 litres a week to help, with founder Nick Weatherall saying the recipe was fairly simple.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "It is a fairly simple recipe making hand sanitiser, the main ingredient being ethanol.

"You have got to be licensed to buy and work with it so distilleries are very well placed to do it.

"We want to produce 1,000 litres a week - it is just going to be about demand and our ability to get our hands on the raw materials.

"The whole world wants hand sanitiser at the moment."

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Local charities, care homes or any individuals in need can get in touch with Piston Gin by emailing admin@pistongin.com.

The hand sanitiser is made from aloe vera and fragranced with grapefruit oil providing a luxurious and moisturising finish.

Piston Gin Hand Sanitiser is available to pre-order via www.pistongin.com in limited quantities.

These pre-orders will be dispatched gradually from Monday, March 30.

A spokesman said: "Gin production may have been put on pause for now, but we also have plenty available in our online store too with free standard delivery available on all UK orders."

In addition, companies making hand sanitiser are being given support to get their hands on denatured alcohol.

An HMRC spokesperson said: “By enabling the fast-tracking of authorisations to use denatured alcohol, we are providing manufacturers with the potential to produce the extra hand sanitiser gel needed during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We hope that this will provide manufacturers with the support they need to meet the sudden increase in demand for their products.

“HMRC will continue to work with the industry to ensure we are taking all possible steps to support production.”