AS the Covid-19 crisis continues Worcester’s MP Robin Walker has been answering your questions. Here are the answers he provided:

In regards to the new measures, readers have said people are still not following them in Worcester, and they suggest a total lock down. Is that being considered by the government?

Clearly the measures announced represent a significant step up in the level of restrictions being imposed. If people selfishly expose themselves and others unnecessarily then clearly there may have to be further measures and restrictions, but for the time being people should think about why these measures have been put in place.

By staying in and following the guidance you may be saving the lives of loved ones and easing the pressure on the incredibly brave NHS staff at the front line of tackling this crisis.

People should obey the police who have new powers and will quite rightly be fining people who flout the new rules.

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For self employed people, what is the government planning to do?

I have been raising the concerns of self employed constituents as a matter of urgency with colleagues at the Treasury and at BEIS and I am confident that a further package of support is being drawn up. I will keep pressing for this as I know how vital it is for many people in Worcester.

In the meantime if people are struggling there is help available through the council through additional funding for council tax support, through HMRC through deferring self assessment payments from July to January next year and through the DWP through universal credit where the earnings rules have been relaxed to ensure self employed people get a better deal. People who may have difficulty paying their mortgage or rent should benefit from the agreement of the Bank of England with banks to allow mortgage holidays to those who are affected by the coronavirus, and the governments action to extend this to landlords in exchange, for a moratorium on evictions.

Panic buying is still continuing and supermarkets need help enforcing social distancing. Is the government looking into this?

Social distancing in the shops that remain open is part of the guidance that has been published People should avoid queuing outside supermarkets when they are focused on providing support to specific groups such as NHS workers or the elderly and recognise that crowding outside them at opening times is a health hazard and counterproductive, as most supermarkets receive a number of deliveries during the day you are often more likely to find food on the shelves if you come back later and avoid the busiest times.

The government is working closely with food retailers and their supply chains to ensure that food supplies are being regularly replenished and there are no fundamental shortages of the major supplies that people want.

The challenge has been stockpiling or panic buying by a few which has driven the shortages for many more people. I understand many of the supermarkets and online delivery companies are also looking to upgrade their online platforms to meet the increased demand.

It is also worth checking out local independent food businesses and restaurants who may be providing takeaway and home delivery services. The Government is also stepping in through the sheltering scheme with community hubs to ensure that the most vulnerable people have access to food and medicines.

What is the plan for rough sleepers who are on the streets under the new measures?

There is already extra financial support from the government for councils to provide emergency support to rough sleepers with more than £3 million of extra funding to house those who might need to self isolate on top of the £492 million already being invested in the Government’s plan to end rough sleeping over the next year.