Coronavirus has been all anyone has been talking about or thinking about for weeks now.

It is everywhere we look, and with it being the second day of lockdown here in the UK it is hard to ignore, but what is it actually like to catch Covid-19?

We managed to interview a young woman who believes she has contracted the virus. The Worcestershire woman is 23 and does not wish to be identified. This is her story.

“I first started feeling under the weather on Friday, March 13. I don’t know what it was I just felt super tired and not interested in doing things I usually enjoy. I recovered quickly and showed no signs of a fever or a cough, so I resumed life as normal.

“It wasn’t until the Friday just gone that I realised I probably had coronavirus. It started with aches and pains all over my body, followed by extreme fatigue and a high temperature.

“The symptoms persisted into the weekend, along with stomach pain, nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite. I struggled to stay upright for a substantial period of time and spent most of the time feeling sorry for myself in bed.

“That being said, it was no worse than a bad cold or the flu, I certainly didn’t feel like I was at risk of it developing into anything more serious neither did I experience any breathing difficulties.

“Monday I started to feel better, I was able to get dressed and eat as I would normally, I went to bed super early as I was exhausted, when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a train.

“My head was thumping and my eyes were super sensitive even to the subtle sunlight peeping underneath my curtains.

“I felt like my skull weighed twenty stone and getting out of bed seemed nigh on impossible. It was a bad morning.

“The splitting headaches and room spinning dizziness fluctuated throughout the day, along with a pretty nasty cough. As the evening drew nearer I felt much more like myself. It is not something I would want to experience again, but for anyone who is young and relatively healthy as I am it is nothing to be frightened about.

“If you are worried about catching it, don’t be, it knocks the wind out of you for a few days, it isn’t fun, but it isn’t the worst thing I have been through by a long chalk.

“Make sure you follow the government guidelines. They are there to keep others safe. For me, coronavirus was an inconvenience, for someone weaker or more vulnerable it could be a death sentence. Stay home and save lives!”