CANCELLED hair appointments and worries about working as a window cleaner are a couple of the bizarre 999 phone calls police have received.

West Mercia Police have revealed that they have received many non-emergency 999 calls from the public who are looking for advice on the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

West Mercia OCC tweeted: “We are receiving a lot of calls from people looking for advice around the current situation. We continue to work with our partner agencies but the advice is as per the attached, STAY AT HOME. Please leave our lines clear for emergencies.

“Some examples of calls received so far today - "Hello 999, my hair appointment had been cancelled”, “My dog walker is not working today and I have to go to work". "Can I go to work? I am a window cleaner for the elderly.”

LPPT South – West Mercia Police tweeted: “Unbelievably people are calling 999 to ask the police if they can go outside. 999 is for emergences only.

“We really need to make sure that our phone lines are free to take calls from people who urgently need help.”