A TEACHER has launched a project which will allow children to help her create a story book.

Tori Tregear, from Worcester, is a teacher at Hallow C of E Primary School who is encouraging children to write different story elements which will be used in a book.

Ms Tregear, aged 37, said: “I’d love to write a story with as many children helping me as possible.

“Each day we will write a different part of the story using the pictures and ideas that the children send to me.

“We are building on the story bit by bit and by the end should hopefully have a story written by children for children.

“I want to try to help children and their families during these next few weeks. There are so many children who finished school on Friday who don’t know when they will be returning.

“There are parents who are worried about what to do with their children whilst they are at home.”


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She added: “I’d love to involve as many children as possible. I wanted to set up something that was fun for the children to do and helps to spread a little happiness in these uncertain times.

“I know that children are feeling a bit anxious given the current circumstances so anything we can do as a community to support them and their families is worth it.”

Currently the book is just an online collaboration of the children’s ideas. If it was to ever be sold the proceeds would go to a children’s charity.

Ms Tregear added: “Stories bring joy to everyone, both young and old. I just hope that the activities help to give the children something fun to do whilst we are all taking care of ourselves and socially distancing.

“There does not need to be a set theme. I am going to amalgamate all of the stories to make one big story. So, the more ideas, the better.”

Ms Tregear, who owns a company called Pen and Pencil Publishing Ltd, has set up a ‘cook up a book’ idea with the idea that each day there will be different activities for children to take part in. So far, around 20 to 30 children are taking part in the ‘cook up a book’ plan.

Parents can either message the ideas to Pen and Pencil Publishing Ltd or they can add them directly to the threads each day.

If anyone has missed the start, it doesn’t matter, the children can join in whenever they can.

The idea was launched on Monday, March 23.