CHARITIES and community groups in Malvern can apply for individual grants of between £100 and £100,000 as a new foundation, funded by local gas network Cadent, opens its first window for applications.

Julia Dwyer, Director of the Cadent Foundation said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch a fund that we know is going to make a positive and lasting difference in Malvern.

“Cadent Foundation will support projects – large and small – which help people living in vulnerable situations and disadvantaged communities, or work to protect and preserve the natural environment, or work to create a sustainable energy future for all.

“This is a great opportunity for charities and community groups which need financial support. We can help them make a huge difference in the communities that Cadent serves.”

Cadent Foundation will have between £5m to £7m to be distributed every year to organisations based around the country, including the West Midlands.

The new fund will receive a set annual share of Cadent’s after-tax profits every year, administered independently, by Charities Trust.

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Funds will support projects helping alleviate suffering and hardship of people in vulnerable situations, preserve the environment, provide healthier communities and ones which eliminate harmful emissions.

To apply, visit:

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