A VAPE shop owner has defended the price of the hand sanitiser he was selling – prior to his store closing due to the coronavirus lockdown – after facing criticism.

Connect 2 Vapes in Broad Street, Worcester, was advertising a 200ml bottle for £8 and a 50ml one for £3.50 on Monday.

Owner -Andrew Connellan said it a supply chain issue was forcing prices up during the current pandemic.

Mr Connellan said: “This sort of product is not really that popular throughout the year with the public, so little is made, but now we’re in a pandemic there’s a nationwide shortage and so suppliers put their prices up and everything costs more.

“I’ve seen other places selling the same gel for far more and I would say we’re one of the cheapest.”

“Everything has gone up due to shortages across the country, such as masks and tablets.

“We want to look after our customers, offering them good deals, as when this whole thing is over, we want them to come back."