A CITY man has criticised a holiday cottage company for allegedly demanding that he pays the full balance of a trip he booked despite him cancelling due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Tom Crouch said Cottages.com has told him to pay the remaining balance of £1,960 for stag do accommodation he'd booked in Derby, despite him cancelling 89 days before the stay, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He claims the company is breaching its own terms and conditions, as according to its website it states that the customer will get their £75 deposit back and will also not have to pay the remaining balance if more than 84 days’ notice is given when cancelling.

Mr Crouch said he cancelled his June 12 booking on March 14.

The 29-year-old from Worcester said: “They owe me money as far as I am concerned. I think people should know that this company is trying to profit from this horrible situation. Asking for money to cancel our booking is ridiculous."

He added: “I feel shocked. Everyone is coming together as a community trying to help each other during this crisis, but then there’s this company who are taking advantage.

“Some people would have worked hard to save up for their holiday and then it’s been taken away from them. It’s heart-wrenching.”

Mr Crouch organised a stag do for his friend in Derby with a group of 14 people.

He said: “There was the uncertainty of the coronavirus, so we all thought that as the activities we will be doing are close to the groom’s brother’s house, we would cancel our booking and stay at his instead.”

Mr Crouch and his friends had arranged to spend three nights at the accommodation which in total would cost them £2,035. So far, Mr Crouch has paid the £75 deposit.

He received a letter from Cottahes.com on March 23 which said: “We would like to make you aware that the final balance for your holiday is now overdue and that payment needs to be made straight away.”

The Worcester News contacted Cottages.com for a comment but it didn’t respond before our deadline.


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