FRIENDLY furry faces have been popping up in windows around Worcester.

Worcester News:

Families in the city have joined the biggest game of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ ever.

The idea is the brain child of local mum and NHS worker - calling herself 'Mama Bear.'

Worcester News:

She said: “I wanted to raise a smile and a wave for everyone in the area of any age as we all know a bear can be a friend to anyone!”

The NHS worker, who wants to remain anonymous to keep the magic of the bears alive, started a group on Facebook called Worcestershire Bear Hunt.

The idea is to spread smiles whilst still socially distancing by placing a stuffed bear in your window for others to spot.

Five hundred people have already joined the group.

The mum said she set it up after seeing pictures of rainbows appearing in windows as a way to cheer up the city.

Worcester News:

She added: “As a member of frontline nursing care staff of the NHS I found myself isolated with symptoms of Covid-19 away from my son aged 11 and husband as I have to isolate in my bedroom due to their health risks.

Worcester News:

“As you can imagine in between the awful symptoms and loneliness I witnessed the joy the rainbow campaign gave to the community that walked past the window on their daily exercise from all ages

“So I thought well what do we all have and also what can bring joy and a smile to any age?”

“I’m a huge teddy bear fan and thought let’s start a bear hunt like the rainbow trail in people's windows in my local area of Northwick.

Worcester News:

Will you be adding a teddy bear to your window or have you already been on a bear hunt?

Worcester News:

“I was overwhelmed with how many people joined in and shared with friends to also join hence why I made the page and within hours of the second day it became global from South Africa to Canada.

“Each cuddly toy has a name and a story

Worcester News:

“I had messages yesterday from people saying how much it had brightened their family’s day, young and old .

“If we can raise a smile and a wave to anyone sat at home or out on their daily exercise then isn’t that the most wonderful thing?”

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