WEST Midland Ambulance Service (WMAS) is appealing for registered paramedics to rejoin the service to help them treat the increased number of patients.

The service says it has significantly increased its capacity to deal with COVID-19 patients, but says it wants to go further to ensure it provides care to patients in their hour of need, and save as many lives as possible.

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WMAS has asked any paramedics who retired within the last two years or are working in the private sector for medical event companies, who would like to return, to get in touch with them. Former members of staff who are on career breaks are also being welcomed back.

WMAS chief executive, Anthony Marsh, said: “Over the last couple of years, we know several hundred staff have retired from our service after giving many years of outstanding care to the public. We would like those paramedics to consider returning to WMAS so that we can increase the quality and amount of care that we can provide the public in these challenging times.

“Equally, we have already had a number of paramedics who normally provide medical cover at events such as horse racing come to us to offer their services, for which we are very grateful.

“We want to boost the number of paramedics we have available as much as possible, so re-employing former paramedics and those who work in the private sector who would like to join us makes sense. We want to go one step further by increasing the number of paramedics to boost our ability to care for patients even further. For those who have retired; I know how much the time you spent with us meant to you; many of you have told me that when we have spoken. I wouldn’t ask you to re-join if I didn’t think it was the right thing for the public of the West Midlands and our country.”

Anyone interested in rejoining the service on either a short term or long term basis is invited to apply at NHS Jobs, at jobs.nhs.uk, and look out for job reference: 217-VN488-19-20.