RESIDENTS of a block of flats in the city centre have claimed that their communal bins have not been collected in weeks.

Wayne Powell said: “The flats at Harrington Court where I live haven’t been collected in nearly five weeks now.

“The council keeps promising to send the bin men out, but it is still out there.

“They came out last week looked at the the bins and left! Most of the residents have complained and now there are gulls ripping the bags open. It is disgusting.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said: “The first report we received of a missed bin collection at Harrington Court was on 23 March, so we have no information on collections being missed prior to that date.

“If a bin is missed, residents should report it as soon as possible at

“We will aim to clear the Harrington Court bins as soon as possible.

“Some staff are currently self-isolating because of the coronavirus outbreak and as a consequence we are prioritising black bin collections, which means we were not able to complete green bin collections last week.

“If we missed your green bin and it is now nearly full, please store any additional recycling until your next scheduled collection day. We will post updates at

“Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.”

Wayne Powell has since reported that the mess was cleaned up in the early hours of yesterday morning following an enquiry launched with the city council by Worcester News.

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