Sir – In the current climate it’s easy to see other people and make judgements.

It seems to have become a national obsession to use social media to berate and demean them.

Those who have become supermarket locusts will get no sympathy from me, but it seems that context has gone out the window.

Anyone fortunate to find a toilet roll in a shop seems to be fair game for abuse. Someone going for a lone walk is castigated and by far the very worst examples are those laughing at senior politicians getting the virus and even wishing certain celebrities would get it.

These tend to be the same people preaching “Be Kind” only a month ago.

Kindness and humanity should have no social barriers. I would hope that this time of reflection will give people a clearer view of the world and what is really important. If you still think it’s toilet rolls and dried pasta, then we have learned nothing.

Paul Laverty