It is not new news that there is a national shortage of hand sanitiser.

We all realise now that these things are harder to come by, people have been bulk buying and using hand sanitisers more in the last few weeks than ever before.

Obviously this huge surge in demand for hand sanitiser means a mass increase in production and distribution, which costs money, stores trying to source the clear jelly gold will no doubt be expected to pay more than they were this time last year.

I don't claim to be an economic expert, but we all know that consumerism works by supply and demand. Demand goes up, supply must go up, this is what must happen or we would never get what we need and companies would never make any money.

These extra costs for the sudden surge in demand for hand sanitisers inevitably means it is the consumer who must also bear the brunt. In basic terms, people want more hand sanitiser, hand sanitiser will be more expensive. That is a given.

And, yet I have received dozens of messages from readers this week asking me to "call out" or "name and shame" locals shops for hiking up their prices. Some have even gone as far to say that it is immoral and unethical to be"cashing in" on the misfortune of coronavirus.

However, it is ridiculous to think that shops are going to miraculously turn over a huge profit during a time like this. It doesn't matter if they sold hand sanitiser for £100 a bottle. All businesses are going to take a massive financial hit due to people not being able to shop like we used to.

If the shop keepers are kind enough to source anti-bacterial gel for us, they are certainly not doing it to make any profit. They are doing it because, we, the customers are asking for it and they are trying to supply it for us.

As it has been well documented that soap and water kills coronavirus, I personally think hand sanitiser should be taken off the shelves, it is only necessary for key workers who are out and about on their daily duties and all reserves should go straight to them for free.

But, as I have said the world doesn't work like that. Hand sanitisers will continue to be available to the general public, and the prices will without a doubt be inflated.

If you don't like that, you could always go without.