TWO buggies have been found damaged after they were stolen from a golf centre and were used to ‘joy ride’ around the city.

The golf buggies were stolen from Ravenmeadow Golf Centre, in Hindlip Lane, on Monday (March 30) evening at around 6.30pm.

Both of the buggies were found vandalised the following day in different locations across Worcester.

The golf centre posted an appeal on their Facebook page which led to one of buggies being found by a member of the public.

It was found vandalised ‘miles away’ at Evendine Pavilion and Playing Fields, in Evendine Close.


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Whereas the other cart was found near the tow path on the canal near the Commandery. It is believed the cart was used to cause damage to a lock gate at Bilford Top Lock.

Police officers were called at around 10.20am on Tuesday after it was reported two golf carts had been stolen from the golf centre.

PCSO Faci said: “An investigation has begun into the theft of two golf carts and potentially related damage caused to a lock gate at Bilford Top Lock, on the canal.

“It is very disappointing that some people are not observing the national guidelines and staying indoors, something the vast majority of people in Worcester are doing.”

Owner of Ravenmeadow Golf Centre, James Leaver, said be believed the stolen buggies were used to joy ride which caused damage to the property.

He said: “One buggy was recovered on the tow path and we know the route would have taken them past this lock. Perhaps the incidents are related?”

Ravenmeadow Golf Centre posted on their Facebook page: “We had numerous acts of vandalism, damage and theft at the golf club. This culminated with two golf buggies being stolen and driven across the golf course out on to Perdiswell then down the canal tow path towards Worcester centre.

“Very sad that certain people in our society have such disregard for other people’s property and livelihoods, particularly at such a difficult time. Any help or information would be appreciated.”

After receiving a report of the damaged lock operational staff from the Canal and River Trust has temporarily repaired the lock beam. The trust said the lock beam was rotten, but vandals had damaged it further by breaking it apart.