THE daughter of a Worcester postmaster has defended her hard working parents after she heard people complain about reduced Post Office opening hours during the coronavirus pandemic.

Caroline Fitzgerald spoke out on Facebook in support of her mum and dad who own the Post Office in St John’s, Worcester. The couple's hard work has enabled the Post office and shop to remain open during the pandemic despite being four staff down.

Ms Fitzgerald said ‘99.9 per cent of people are so understanding and amazing’.

However, she said: “My parents own the Post Office in St John’s (they are very close to 70 years old). I walked past two people both tutting and shaking their heads at the reduced opening hours.

“This is a private business. The staff are isolating so the only people working in the Post Office are my mum and dad - my dad being the only Post Office till trained worker and my mum supporting and doing everything else. They are working six days a week. They aren’t just there 9am until 1pm (opening times). In fact they are still busy with work after closing almost everyday for hours.

“Last night was 8pm they went home. My dad will tell me off for writing this post but I feel that they are working so hard and have managed to stay open (putting themselves at risk) where other places haven't been able to.

"Thanks to all those amazing people that come in and support the Post Office all year round and share the love with my parents and the Post Office family. You are amazing."

Many voiced their support in the comments. Rachel Wharam said: "They are doing a great job. I spoke with your mum last week when I went in. They had spent the weekend putting up screens so they would be able to stay open."

Bev Bevan said: "Lovely post office. In most cases they are probably frustrated by this whole thing rather than the reduced hours. This is hard on everyone. Your parents are doing a sterling job."

Ann Fitzgerald said the support had been 'wonderful' and Colin Fitzgerald said they had been keen to keep the business open as much as possible for essential customers so they could access gas and electric top-ups, pensions and to make cash withdrawals.

He said the reaction to his daughter's Facebook post had been 'amazing'.