A CAR has been involved in a collision between both a bus and a building in the city centre today.

Shelley Givans heard the crash in Foregate Street this afternoon. She said: "There was another car crash by the Hopmarket traffic lights again. It made a big bang."

A second eyewitness who was working in Tesco Express on Foregate Street at the time said: "I didn't see the actual crash, but I spoke to the lady who was behind the car who crashed.

"She was shaken up, but she told me the car had waited at The Butts until the lights were green, pulled out and was then hit by a bus coming down Foregate Street.

"His rear end was hit by the bus and that sent him flying into the building on the corner of the Hopmarket.

"I don't think anyone was injured thank goodness, I didn't see the driver of the car, but I think he was male and had his daughter in the car."

Hereford and Worcester Fire service confirmed two crews from Worcester were called to the accident involving a small vehicle and a bus at 14:16 today.

"No people were trapped and the vehicles involved were made safe."

The cross junction between Shaw Street and Foregate Street has been the site of many similar accidents over the years.

Perhaps the most notorious being when an Audi and a bus collided, with the latter mounting the pavement and crashing through a railing barrier, taking down a pelican crossing lights pillar.

The incident followed a string of crashes at the junction, including in July 2016 when firefighters had to cut a casualty free from the wreckage of a vehicle, and in January of that year when four people were injured in a similar collision.