GENEROUS Worcester people have rallied behind hospital staff after it was reported that three nurses’ cars were targeted by thieves while they were working 13-hour-shifts.

Donations poured in after city man Toby Stringer appealed for the community to help pay for the damage done to the cars by thieves who stole the catalytic converters from the vehicles while they were parked at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Thanks to the public and to Worcester businesses who agreed to do the work at a discounted rate, nurse Sibymol Antony’s car was repaired.

She said: “I am so happy and surprised that Toby has helped me so much. The money was raised so quickly, it is amazing.

“The garage were so helpful and I will never be able to express my gratitude to Toby in words. It is just brilliant what he and the other members of the community have done for us.”

Mr Stringer said he had hoped to raise £360 for the work needed for the work but £645 was donated in just 24 hours.

Worcester News:

He said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes, the donations started pouring in. Within an hour we had raised £400. It was amazing.

“I am so proud to be part of something so special.

“We now have enough money to cover the repairs on all three of the cars.

“Thanks to Kwik Fit and CTS Auto Centre, both offering their services at a hugely discounted rate so we can get these hardworking essential nurses back on the road.”

“I am blown away by the response. It was an outstanding effort from each and every person involved.”

Police said they were still investigating the thefts after officers were called around 12pm on Sunday, April 5 to a suspected catalytic converter theft at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

A staff member who had completed their shift noticed a strange noise from the car when it started and a colleague nearby in the car park reported the same thing. They believed their catalytic converters had been removed and called the police. Detective Inspector Jack Taylor said: “Investigators are working closely with our partners at the hospital and I would like to hear from anyone who noticed any suspicious activity in the hospital car parks on either Saturday 4 April or Sunday 5 April around parked vehicles. Please contact us on 101 with any information and quote incident number 204s 5th April 2020.”

Worcester News:

Mr Stringer has also created a Facebook page called ‘plate one up and pass it on.’

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He said: “The group was set up to help the elderly, the vulnerable and single parents who are struggling to get the food they need due to stocks being low. The idea is for someone local to plate up a meal for someone in need each evening where possible. You can call us on 01905 352200 and we will try and pair you up with someone close by who can spare a plate or two.”

The group now has more than 2,000 members.