LOCAL charities have welcomed an announcement from the chancellor that there will be a funding boost for the charity sector during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced there would be a £750 million support package for charities, including hospices and those supporting domestic abuse victims, with £370 million of it supporting smaller charities who look after vulnerable people.

Ruth Heywood, from Worcester Community Trust said: “WCT were pleased to hear that funds will be allocated to support charities supporting people in local communities. This funding will allow small charities, who know their communities intimately, to continue to deliver essential services, from supporting disadvantaged young people, to those affected by trauma, loneliness, isolation or domestic violence.The impact of the work we do with our communities is essential, now more than ever and we cannot lose it.”


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Mandie Fitzgerald, from Headway Worcestershire, said: “It was heartwarming to see that the vital work of charities being recognised by the government and it will be interesting to see what these support measures announced will look like for Headway Worcestershire and other local small charities that have been affected by the financial impact of CV-19.”

Chiara Civardi, from RSPCA Worcester, said: “While we don’t know how much we will be able to receive, these will be used to continue helping animals in need. Our policy of never putting animals to sleep if it’s possible to nurse them back to health or treat chronic conditions means that we often incur high veterinary expenses to treat them in any way we can.”

June Patel, chief executive of St Richard’s Hospice, said: “We are thrilled at the news the government is providing financial support to charities – both for ourselves, and colleagues across the sector. We are absolutely delighted that up to £200 million of funding per quarter has been allocated to help hospices through this extremely challenging time.”