KIND-HEARTED people have raised thousands of pounds to provide food and drink to Worcester's hospital workers, as well as new scrubs for medics.

H J Colston-Inge, a philanthropist and the wife of the Bishop of Worcester, and the city's branch of the Mothers' Union have made it their mission to make sure the local NHS workers saving lives are also well cared for.

Mrs Colston-Inge has raised over £6,000 for food parcels to be given to NHS staff and is now working on adjusting hospital scrubs and masks to help protect those on the frontline.”

She said: “Before the coronavirus really hit Worcester, I knew I needed to get ready to help. A friend of mine works at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and we decided that the one thing doctors and nurses need when they are overworked, under pressure and totally exhausted are food and drink.

“I felt compelled to serve in my own way so I set up a Justgiving page – it started small, but I have been flooded with messages from people offering to help.

"It feels so amazing to have the community behind us. During these difficult times all people want to do is help. It is very humbling.

“I decided to make it official and set up Worcester’s Welfare for Healthcare. We have now raised over £6,000, but due to the dreadful Covid-19 virus, the healthcare landscape keeps changing and new needs arise, so we try and step in where we can.”

Mrs Colston-Inge put out an SOS after she found out that a supply of hundreds of hospital scrubs destined for Worcestershire Royal Hospital were the wrong size.

She called on the Mothers' Union and good friend Barbara Davies, who runs the Worcester area branch, to alter the protective medical clothing so they are fit for purpose.

Mrs Colston-Inge said: “We delivered the first box of newly altered scrubs yesterday morning – the doctors and nurses were delighted.

"We imagine demand for help will only continue to rise. If you think you can help, let us know what you would be willing to do, be that making food parcels up, helping us make deliveries, or donating much needed funds to help us to take car of the people who take care of us.”

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Mrs Colston-Inge will be inside with her husband today, Good Friday, celebrating and coming together in prayer. She said: “God is in this. It may not feel like it - but he means to prosper us, not to harm us. That is what keeps me going.”

Due to the current pandemic, those who would usually gather in churches will now have to stay at home to celebrate Good Friday.

Although, many will still be able to access an online service put on by the Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge.

Dr Inge said: “This is a Holy Week and Easter like no other. It is the most important time of year for Christians when we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus.

“Although churches are closed, we can still come together virtually in worship and prayer to mark this important season.

“Parishes are reaching out to their communities in so many different and amazing ways at the moment. We hope that our reflections will add to what they are doing and help provide a focus for all across the Diocese.”

These daily reflections will add to the 8.30am service and 6.30pm short music recital which are both streamed each day on the Worcester Cathedral Facebook page.