WORCESTER'S MP says carrying a card or certificate showing a person is Covid-19 immune is being considered as a possible solution towards ending the ongoing crisis.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has previously shown some support to the idea of an 'immunity passport' as part of the way to end the lockdown.

Asked if a vaccine was the only solution, Robin Walker said: "I don't think a vaccine is the only way.

"I'm not talking about herd immunity, but when you have a significant number of people, a 'reasonable immunity'.

"Once there is a way to have an antibody test - that everyone agrees on and works - that would show people have had it. Those people could go out and do valuable work like help people self isolating.

"They would carry a card or certificate to show this.

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CORONAVIRUS: A timeline of how a virus spread to bring lockdown to Worcestershire "But currently we don't have that test."

Asked on how long lockdown could last the MP was unwilling to speculate but said he did not think it would last a year, and any decision to act would be based on the science.

"The lockdown is set to be reviewed this week, and no one expects it to be lifted," the MP said.

"If you lifted it, the huge amount of work achieved through people staying home and helping to flatten the curve would be undone."

Challenged on criticism the government was receiving that there had been a lack of sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE), the MP said: "Some of it has been fair (criticism).

"We have been buying plane load after plane load of the equipment, there is a massive effort going on.

"Where there has been challenges, clearly it is reasonable to criticise. I actually think there is a place for constructive criticism but they (the opposition) should recognise there is a national effort underway.

"It is important to ensure the right equipment is going to the right places. Part of the problem is it can only be used once.

"What they (Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust) says locally is that the situation is improving."