MORE than 24,000 viewers tuned in to Worcestershire’s online music festival last weekend.

Musician Chloe Mogg and artist Amy Crouch - the minds behind The 7 Arts Still Exist Music Festival And Arts Exhibition – raised £300 for future online artistic events.

The festival showcased many artists from the region including Alex Ohm, Ellie Williams, Ruben Seabright, Jack Cattell, Meme Detroit, Lee Richardson of Malvern based rock group Dead Dads Club, White Noise Cinema, singers/songwriters Jess Silk, Jessie Reid and Adriana Spina among others.

Aiming to recreate a real summer festival experience, the organisers sought to bring talents from all walks of life.

Chloe said: “Our festival is not just about local acts. Among performers from West Midlands, we had artists from across the globe. Even one artist from Los Angeles.”

Amy added: "I am absolutely blown away by how well the festival went. We have had an unbelievable amount of support from so many different people and it means that there will be more from us in the future! I am beyond thankful and very excited for what is to come."

The music performances were accompanied by an online art exhibition that was visited more than 1,000 times over just two days.

It featured a wide range of styles (graphic design, photography, abstract and mixed media) from Andrew Tyler, Lisa Ainslie, Islam Allam, Keith Buswell and others.

Encouraged by this success, Chole and Amy are thinking of organising another festival in the near future that could be extended to three days.