THROUGHOUT this period, since the lockdown was implemented by the government in March, it has felt like there has been a general consensus backing it.

No one wants to be stuck at home, but the overwhelming majority has accepted it has had to happen.

And it has been a success in the sense it has helped halt the spread, flattened the curve, and there has been fewer deaths then there would have been without it.

We have now reached the end of the beginning. There was always the question what should happen at this point, and I have already seen a growing number of people reaching the conclusion it is time to end such a strict lockdown.

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I don't know if it has come through boredom, financial motive, or something else - but however anyone has reached that conclusion I feel at this point it is wrong to think it.

Don't get me wrong I have sympathy with their circumstances and often reasoning behind it. We all want it to end of course - but I'm very much on the side we have to be extremely careful.

Although the government is cautious on talk of the long term strategy, if they moved early we should resist any attempt to have a lift to a softer lockdown until it is safe to do so.

People on social media highlight that other countries are doing fine without this type of lockdown, the government is 'unnecessarily killing businesses', people say 'this can't carry on forever' and it is time to build herd immunity.

Of course Trump's America is the example of these thoughts on a larger scale leading to the dangerous 'end the lockdown' protests'. Could we see similar protests here?

I simply say this. Lockdown of the type we have now has to remain while it saves lives. If we tried to lift it in any kind of way right now we all know what would very likely happen - coronavirus would spread.

It is just common sense.

All the hard work to help take some pressure off a stretched NHS, all that work to save lives, would count for nothing.

As Professor Chris Whitty said on Wednesday the ideal way out would be a vaccine or Covid-19 drugs. No one knows when those will arrive though.

We have no control over that, the only control we have is to ensure an effective lockdown is in place, so it can keep working.