BEAVERS, Cubs and Scouts donned their uniforms to join the clap for carers and to celebrate St George's day.

Among the youngsters taking part on Thursday evening were those from 2nd Worcester, 8th Worcester, 1st Leigh Sinton, 1st Upton-Upon-Severn and 1st Clifton-upon-Teme.

They wore their uniforms while clapping and banging saucepans to say thank you to NHS and key workers for their efforts to help against coronavirus.

After the weekly 8pm clap, some of the members of the scouting movement renewed their promise - traditionally done at the annual St George's day parade.

The parade, due to be held last Sunday at Worcester Cathedral, had been cancelled in light of the coronavirus outbreak but the youngsters did not let that stop them, taking to Facebook Live to make the promise, as well as sending pictures and videos to their leaders.

Paul Carpenter, group leader at 2nd Worcester, said he was proud to see so many Beavers, Cubs and Scouts taking part.

He said: "As the St George's parade had to be cancelled, we decided that we could combine the clap for carers with remaking the promise.

"A lot of young people did it, some on Facebook Live, the rest did it individually with their parents wherever they were doing the clapping.

"We thought it was a nice touch to do that as it was St George's day and not only is St George the patron saint of England, he's the patron saint of Scouting."

Mr Carpenter added: "We are having to be creative at the moment. The Scouts are doing a lot of meetings using Zoom and the Cubs and Beavers will be having their first meeting this week.

"We've given them the opportunity to do some of their badge work from home, including a Digital Maker badge. A lot of them are definitely taking part."