A TOTAL of 282 county people - with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate - died in all settings according to latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) data.

According to ONS figures, which covers people who died from Covid-19 and the local authority area in which they lived, in the week between April 17 and April 24:

● 53 people died in a care home; 19 from Wychavon, 13 from Bromsgrove, 11 from Wyre Forest, six Malvern Hills residents and four from Worcester.

● 36 people died in hospital; 10 from Bromsgrove, nine from Redditch, six from Wyre Forest, five from Wychavon, five from Malvern Hills and one Worcester resident.

● Five people died at a communal establishment; one from Bromsgrove, one Malvern Hills resident, one from Redditch, one Wychavon resident and one from Wyre Forest.

● Four people died at home; one from Worcester, one from Wychavon, one Wyre Forest resident and one from Malvern Hills.

Some of the deaths are ones previously not reported on, as the daily figure released by the NHS is only people dying of Covid-19 at county hospitals, including community hospitals.

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The latest figures, added to those given previously show for the year up to April 24, mean the 282 Worcestershire people classed as having died with Covid-19 include:

● A total of 76 people from Bromsgrove; 50 in hospital, 23 in a care home, two from elsewhere and one from a communal establishment.

● A total of 62 from Wychavon; 28 in hospital, 26 in a care home, three at home, three in a communal establishment, one in a hospice and one elsewhere.

● A total of 59 from Wyre Forest; 38 in hospital, 17 in a care home, three at home and one in a communal establishment.

● A total of 31 from Redditch; 26 in hospital, three in a care home, one at home, one in a communal establishment.

● A total of 30 from Malvern Hills; 16 in hospital, 11 in a care home, two at home and one in another communal establishment.

● A total of 24 from Worcester; 16 in hospital, five in a care home, one at home, one in a hospice and one in a communal establishment.

However, in a further complication, the ONS figures are now being compiled differently, as improvements have been made to the way the place of death is recorded. This means the latest total may be different to those given previously.

Yesterday, the NHS a further four deaths related to Covid-19 in county hospitals - two at hospitals run by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and two at the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust’s hospitals. In total 236 people have died of Covid-19 in county hospitals.

The government has now begun releasing a daily figure for deaths outside of hospitals which stands at 693, bringing the overall total number of deaths to 29,427. Public Health England is not releasing a regional breakdown.