CHER Lloyd has revealed her father is "seriously unwell" in hospital.

Sharing a message on Instagram, the Malvern singer has thanked NHS staff for taking care of him during this 'scary time'.

Writing on Instagram, the 26-year-old said: "My dad has been seriously unwell and is in hospital.

This has been really difficult on us and my heads all over the place.

"I wish I could see him, and I wish I could be with my family to support them, especially mum.

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"I'm so grateful to the doctors and nurses for looking after him.

"This is such a scary time for everyone."

The popstar is currently in lockdown with husband Craig Monk and daughter Delilah-Rae.

The singer was a finalist in the 2010 X Factor and was signed by Syco Music after coming fourth in the ITV1 talent show.

She recently released new single, Lost, and added on the Instagram post her team would be taking over her account to provide updates on her music.