A FARMING company has re-launched its milk deliveries after 28 years due to ‘high demand’ during the coronavirus.

Bennetts Farms and its herd of cows is bringing back its milk deliveries to villages surrounding Worcester.

The last bottle of milk produced by the Bennett family's herd rolled out of the old dairy in 1992, but a change in the public's attitude towards supporting locally farmed produce has brought fifth generation Bennett farmer, Tristan, to bring the milk rounds back.

It has been on the cards for a while, but the current pandemic has brought his plans forward, and the first deliveries of pasteurised milk will be made after the Bank Holiday weekend.

Tristan, aged 34, said: “We have now launched our ordering facility ready for our first deliveries on Monday – we are very excited.


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“I have wanted to sell milk directly to the public for a long time now – it makes sense both economically and environmentally for farms to be selling their produce direct to their local community

“Most farms’ milk (ours included) is currently transported to a handful of central dairies and distributed throughout the UK and beyond.

“The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us to bring these plans forward and start up the service sooner than anticipated.”

Tristan was born and bred over on the family’s youngstock farm over in Madresfield, Malvern.

Tristan said he is very proud to be bringing back a service first started by his great, great grandfather back in 1925, when a horse and cart used to deliver the milk across Worcester and Malvern.

He added: “As anticipated, demand is high – we are so glad that people appreciate buying produce from their local farmers again. Having ‘gone live’ for orders today our inbox is full with people trying to place their orders.

“Local support for our new venture across social media has been really overwhelming, which has been lovely.

“We were completely overwhelmed by local support given to us on a tentative Facebook post written at the end of March and decided to go ahead with the investment.

“We have spent the last month investigating and buying kit and working out logistics, and have even bought an old milk float.

“It is great that we can now provide our local communities with a much needed and sought after service and locally produced essential product.

“We really appreciate the support and hope our customers will love drinking milk from cows that they see out grazing in our fields on a regular basis.”