TODAY marks the start of the lengthy process of reducing the lockdown measures currently in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Boris Johnson announced last night that from Wednesday people will be allowed to exercise outdoors for an unlimited amount of time, sit in local parks and drive to beauty spots to exercise.

Those who are unable to work from home can now return to work, however social distancing remains in place for all and fines are to be increased for those not following the rules.

Our readers flocked to Facebook last night to share their thoughts on the changes.

Terry Green said: "He said there would be bigger fines. We haven’t seen any police for WEEKS and there’s plenty of people already ignoring the lockdown."

Keleigh Marie Logan said: "Nobody can deny how vague it all was. People need clear rules in black and white because everyone is in a slightly different situation to each other.

"What may be crystal clear to one persons situation could be gibberish to the next person. He shouldn’t have changed anything yet!"

Julie Phillips said: "It was fine, I totally understood. It's nice to have a bit more freedom."

Ann Hitchings said: "A load of waffle should have left it as it was for at least another four weeks."

Aidän Moore said: "He’s just doing his job and what needs to be done, running a country isn’t easy!"

A 50 page document detailing the new changes is due to be released by the government later today.

What do you think about the gradual lifting of restrictions?