A PARENT was outraged to find smashed glass scattered in a popular area of woodland frequented by families.

The area inside of Tolladine Wood, on the junction of Woodgreen Drive and Plantation Drive, in the middle of Warndon Villages, is known for its collection of fairy doors attached to the bottom of trees to amuse children.

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Laura Cartwright, 33, was visiting the area with her husband Simon, also 33, and their son when the glass was discovered.

Laura said: “It’s hard to believe the broken glass got there by accident - the edges are sharp and look like the remains of a bottle of alcohol.

“I often take my son up there and he came to me and said ‘mummy, there’s glass over there,’ and so I decided to move it as it could injure visitors.

“I only had a nappy with me at the time so I carefully collected all the bits and took them away before anyone could be harmed.”

Worcestershire County Council Councillor Lucy Hodgson, who is also a city councillor with responsibility for communities, said: “It’s a real shame this has happened as everyone has been enjoying the woods, particularly during the pandemic.”

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said: “Any resident who discovers broken glass in a public area should report it at worcester.gov.uk/report-it so that our officers can arrange for it to be safely cleared away.”

It is not the first time anti-social behaviour has occurred in the area.

In October 2019, a sofa was fly-tipped in Aconbury Orchard, apparently used as seating by teenagers.

Tolladine Wood is the city’s smallest ancient woodland and it is likely to be the same shape and size it was dating back to the 11th century.

Species present include Sparrowhawk, Jay, Bluebell, Speckled Wood Butterfly and a pond which hosts aquatic life.