Ryanair has announced it is set to restore two out of five flights from July 1.

The airline said: "Ryanair, Europe's largest low fares airline, today announced plans to return to 40% of normal flight schedules from Wednesday 1 July 2020, subject to Government restrictions on intra-EU flights being lifted, and effective public health measures being put in place at airports.

"Ryanair will operate a daily flight schedule of almost 1,000 flights, restoring 90% of its pre-Covid-19 route network."

Meanwhile, health secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News the reproduction rate of the virus was "broadly in the middle of the range" of 0.5 to 0.9 but was definitely below one.

He also confirmed people could meet more than one person per day outside as long as the two-metre distance was maintained.

Commenting on new workplace guidance, Mr Hancock said cleaners coming to people's homes should exercise social distancing and follow other good practices such as washing hands regularly.

Asked why grandparents could not see their grandchildren but children could see there carers, Mr Hancock said it was a "scientific fact" that older people were more vulnerable to Covid-19.

He added: "The principles are really clear and the public has been sensible so far. The Great British public have really understood what social distancing means, why we need to do it... the principles are outside is better than inside, stay two metres away, wash your hands and clean the surfaces, and see as few people as you can, outside of your household because that virus spreads but we do also at the same time need to get people back to work."