A HEADTEACHER is concerned about ‘the very youngest children’ returning to school in June.

Bryony Baynes, headteacher from Kempsey Primary School, said she feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done between now and June 1 – the ‘earliest’ date Boris Johnson has said for primary schools in England to reopen.

The prime minister has said when primary schools reopen they can only be attended by pupils in reception, year 1 and year 6.

Mrs Baynes said: “While I am utterly in agreement that we need to begin to establish some sense of normality in the country, and returning to school is a large part of this, I am still concerned about how we are to practically manage this within the primary setting.

“I am not certain about the rationale of starting with the very youngest children.

“The concept of managing “social distancing” with four and five year olds is absurd.

“If you are five years old and you have not seen your best friend in two months, you are going to run to hug them.

“Also, if you are four years old and you fall over in the playground, you want to be picked up and cuddled and have your tears wiped.

“Social distancing flies out the window in these circumstances.”

Mrs Baynes said the nation should learn from other countries who have sent their children back to school.

She added: “I think we have much to learn from other countries who have gone back to school and can look at what strategies they have implemented.

“I feel somewhat overwhelmed, if I am honest, by the enormity of all that needs to be accomplished between now and the 1st of June.

“However, whatever I do and whatever I implement, it will be done with the health and safety of my pupils and staff at the forefront of my mind. Of that I am absolutely certain.”

The Worcester News previously spoke to parent Jemma Thompson, who said she doesn’t want her son being used as a ‘guinea pig’ to open up schools.

Miss Thompson said she won’t take her son Ollie back to his school, North Worcester Primary Academy, unless the situation ‘dramatically improves’ and she feels it’s safe to do so.