A WOMAN has been nominated for a Worcestershire Education Award after being described as the “most kind, caring, committed and loving teacher.”

Steph Halliday, from Perryfields Primary PRU, in Glebe Close, has been nominated for the Special Education Needs (SENCO) Award.

Nominating on behalf of two parents, deputy head Rob Harrison said in one nomination form: “Mrs Halliday is just great. She explains everything so clearly and never judges us, no matter what she sees or hears. She has helped me and all my children so much and given us hope for the future.

“She always comes good on her promises and keeps us informed and updated at every stage. Sometimes she is just a shoulder to cry on when it all gets too much especially with our kids with different diagnosis and special needs.


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“She is willing to come to our house for meetings as she knows we don't drive and have other kids to care for. She always fights for what is right and will help us in important meetings.

“She will phone doctors and nurses to help us, especially when we get tongue tied in meetings when everyone else just uses difficult words and makes us feel like it is all our fault.

“Mrs Halliday is always happy and helpful and has given my children a real love of school and helped get them the diagnosis and support they need.

“As a family, we owe so much to Mrs Halliday and think she deserves this award so much.”

The other parent said: “She is extremely passionate and committed to ensuring each and every pupil meets their true potential and has the support and education they are entitled to.

“Within her role as SENCO and outreach coordinator, she has been instrumental in helping the school secure its fourth consecutive Outstanding Ofsted judgement, she has aided the school in securing itself as a centre of excellence for the Inclusion Quality Mark and most recently orchestrated the school in becoming a beacon school for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) along with gaining the Gold Award status in this area.

“Mrs Halliday is often referred to by staff and past parents as 'Mother Perryfields' as she has been at the heart of the school for so long.”

Mrs Halliday said about her nomination: "I'm amazed and delighted to be nominated for this award.

“It's a privilege to go to work each day and have the opportunity, alongside the amazing Perryfields team, to make a positive difference to the lives of our often vulnerable, complex pupils, and to support their families through difficult times."